Transform Your Business

Achieve horizontal scale.

These solutions help you achieve horizontal scale across all supported business units without the burden of procuring, provisioning, designing and operating your own services.

  • Backup as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Security Operations Center as a Service
  • Security Information & Event Mentoring as a Service
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service
  • Server and Device Management as a Service
  • Software Drive Wide Area Network as a Service

Sentry IT provides all the people, processes and tools required to deliver scalable solutions as a service. These services leverage agile and DevOps principles designed to provide rapid results, allowing you to focus on transforming your business.

Business Analysis

Seamless IT Implementations

Our comprehensive Business Analysis service ensures tailored solutions for your unique IT needs, integrating cutting-edge cloud and cybersecurity strategies. We meticulously analyze, plan, and execute, transforming your business challenges into innovative, efficient solutions.

Implementation & Customizations

Elevating Your IT Infrastructure

Specializing in bespoke implementation strategies, our team delivers tailored IT solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique business needs. From advanced cloud integrations to robust cybersecurity customizations, we ensure your technology not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Process Improvements

Streamlining Success

Experience a seamless integration of technology with our refined implementation services. We blend cutting-edge IT professional services, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity expertise to optimize your business operations efficiently and securely.

Program Management

Seamless IT Implementations

At the core of our implementation services, our Program Management expertise ensures a streamlined and efficient process, delivering cutting-edge IT, cloud, and cybersecurity solutions. With our strategic approach, we guarantee timely, within-budget project completion, tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Project Management

Expert PMs for Seamless IT Implementations

Empowering your business with precision-driven Project Management, our team ensures efficient and effective implementation of IT professional services, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity strategies. We prioritize collaboration, transparency, and innovative methodologies to deliver tailored solutions that align with your unique objectives and challenges.

Process Improvement & Automation

Streamlining Success

Our approach revolutionizes implementation services, integrating cutting-edge automation and process improvement strategies. We ensure efficient, scalable solutions that align with your business goals, enhancing productivity and driving innovation.

We are Here to Help

Technology is a vital part of every business and every industry. You need the ability to pick up the phone and call clients, send an email, transfer data, use robust systems with fast hardware and everything in between. The ability to do these things and keep your business successful depends on your technology service provider you choose to work with. Sentry IT stands ready to make sure yours is fully supportive and highly conducive to business success.

We bring our customers solutions from more than 200 different technology companies!

Whether you’re a new, up-and-coming company with a tight budget or a multinational enterprise with integrated technology needs, we’re confident in our ability to assist you. You’ll get all the benefits of robust digital infrastructure solutions, backed by proven experience, a single point of contact, expert consulting and more! We demonstrate value beyond the products we provide, so you can focus on and in your business, with as your partner and an extension of your IT department.

How can we help ?

Staffing a 24/7/365 internal security practice is both challenging and expensive.

If your company has struggled to find and retain qualified talent, you’re not alone.Sentry IT will help you implement effective security solutions organization-wide by process and policy. Let us direct our full-time attention to your security implementation so that you can focus on IT initiatives that drive the business.

How can we help ?