Vendor Strategy & Roadmaps

Maximize your return on investment.

Keeping up with your IT contracts is daunting enough but ensuring that they deliver the promised value is a job best left to the experts. Sentry IT engineers have deep knowledge of the latest hardware, software and cloud-based services on the market, as well as IT contract cycles and requirements. We ensure you get what you need on the front end and maximize your return on investment through the life of the contract.

Product Procurement

Delivering the best products for your business.

Procurement is the step-by-step process used to identify the goods or services needed by our clients. Here at Sentry IT, we take pride in that process, seamlessly transitioning between each step to provide the best service possible while keeping you in the loop.
Sentry IT will stick around throughout the lifespan of this technology, assisting with maintenance and lifecycle management to ensure that everything remains in tip top shape. You’re busy taking care of your business. Let us take care of your technology.

Maintenance Renewals

Access to our searchable catalog

Your business relies on technology infrastructure, so it’s essential to keep it secure and running smoothly. Sentry IT offers a single, client-facing maintenance renewals portal. You get access to a comprehensive, searchable catalog that combines reseller and distributor data, vendor registrations, purchase orders, SKUs and more, all in one place.

Cloud Cost Management

Operating economically in the cloud.

Through Cloud Cost Management, Sentry IT provides recommendations to make sure your organization is operating efficiently, economically and securely in the cloud.

IT Financial Management

Put the right procedures in place.

Keeping up with all your IT assets and services can get overwhelming. This can lead to unnecessary IT spend that could have easily been caught if the right procedures had been put in place. Luckily, Sentry IT has perfected these procedures and is here to help. Our program helps clients track their IT assets and keep tabs as they reach end of support or end of life to avoid any unforeseen costs. We have also implemented ways to counteract costs by focusing on cloud cost management and turning IT into a revenue generating department with digital transformation for business outcome through methods like eDiscovery.

IT Asset Management

Keep track of your IT assets.

We help take the surprise out of end-of-life dates, giving you updates as it nears and lowering costs by preventing last-minute product refreshes or renewals. We also work with vendors on your behalf and free up time for your internal team, letting them focus on your organization rather than the worry of unnecessary costs or risk. Once the end of your asset’s lifecycle arrives, we help you decide if it’s worth renewing or replacing. We want to make sure your technology is giving you a competitive advantage, not hindering your business needs. Proper IT asset management eliminates risk, keeping your organization productive and secure.

Voice & Data Cost Management

Curtail Your Technology Spending

Many enterprises overpay by 30 percent or more on elements of their telecom spend. That’s because telecom costs are notoriously difficult to manage. Network, voice, data and conferencing costs span multiple providers and it’s impossible to keep track of constantly changing services, plans and usage requirements. We are specialists in telecom service provider consulting and excel in minimizing expense costs for our clients. Our integrated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) approach finds real cost savings, delivering 5 to 10x ROI in-year, and provides you with a complete picture of your network.  We offer a permanent solution to cost management. The expense optimization realized in the first phase of our engagement is only the beginning.

We are Here to Help

Technology is a vital part of every business and every industry. You need the ability to pick up the phone and call clients, send an email, transfer data, use robust systems with fast hardware and everything in between. The ability to do these things and keep your business successful depends on your technology service provider you choose to work with. Sentry IT stands ready to make sure yours is fully supportive and highly conducive to business success.

We bring our customers solutions from more than 200 different technology companies!

Whether you’re a new, up-and-coming company with a tight budget or a multinational enterprise with integrated technology needs, we’re confident in our ability to assist you. You’ll get all the benefits of robust digital infrastructure solutions, backed by proven experience, a single point of contact, expert consulting and more! We demonstrate value beyond the products we provide, so you can focus on and in your business, with as your partner and an extension of your IT department.

How can we help ?

Staffing a 24/7/365 internal security practice is both challenging and expensive.

If your company has struggled to find and retain qualified talent, you’re not alone.Sentry IT will help you implement effective security solutions organization-wide by process and policy. Let us direct our full-time attention to your security implementation so that you can focus on IT initiatives that drive the business.

How can we help ?